The Painter, Transformers: The Premake, and It's Such A Beautiful Day

In this super-sized episode of Everything Is Interesting, Justin and Keith open the show with more discussion on office etiquette and a brief examination of the World Cup and the new goal line technology being used during broadcasts. They go on to discuss the good and bad, mostly bad, well, really all bad, of Peter Heller's new book The Painter. After the break, Keith talks about a short documentary on YouTube he watched this week called Transformers: The Premake. Finally, Justin gives his impressions on the animated film It's Such A Beautiful Day by Don Hertzfeldt, and recommends the podcast Song Exploder.

Show Rundown:

The Painter: 07m 50s

Transformers Premake: 01h 00m 41s

Recommendations: 01h 16m 28s

The intro/outro music for the show was found on The Free Music Archive, and is provided by Johnny Hawaii: 

The Lonely Smurfer (Johnny Hawaii) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

The interstitial music was also found on The Free Music Archive, and is provided by Waylon Thorton: 

The Double, Herzog, and #RedskinsPride

In this episode of Everything Keith and Justin discuss the new directoral effort from Richard Ayode, The Double, starring Jesse Eisenberg. After that they explore the #RedskinsPride debacle. They close the show with a brief discussion about the band Herzog's new album, Boys, and a quick recommendation from Keith.

Show rundown:

The Double: 11m 37s

Twitter: 42m 56s

Recommendations: 1h 05m 03s

Keith's recommendation this week is for the collected short films of Don Hertzfeldt called It's Such A Beautiful Day.

Music for the episode was found through the Free Music Archive and is provided by Johnny Hawaii and Waylon Thornton.