A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma

Everything is a spoiler-heavy podcast. We talk about all aspects of whatever we are discussing and do not announce or avoid spoilers in any way.

Going to be honest here, we recorded the first part of this podcast two weeks ago before our first Anachrony play-through. I have no idea what we talked about, and I don't feel like re-listening to the whole thing on a Sunday afternoon to find out.

The second part was recorded a week ago, after our second Anachrony play-through, and if I tried real hard I could probably remember what we talked about, but, again, it's Sunday afternoon and I'm about to start up the barbecue. So, not really sure what's in this one. Sorry.

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Justin also hosts a movie review podcast with his daughters called elephant & giraffe.

The music heard throughout this episode is Pappas Wave by Johnny Hawaii.