Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, White God, and Her Story

In this episode of Everything Justin shares his latest experience at the local library. He also discusses the new Mission Impossible movie, Rogue Nation. Keith talks about the movie White God, and the anime series Attack on Titan. The two briefly discuss the New Yorker's interview with Darren Wilson before losing the thread and talking about social justice in a broader sense. They close the show with a discussion of Her Story and the multiple interpretations of its plot.

Show Rundown

10m 44s - Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

The Concourse - The New Mission: Impossible Is Almost Better Than The New Mad Max

Mission: Impossible - A Mole Hunt

26m 10s - White God

White Dog

33m 15s - Attack on Titan

Cowboy Bebop

42m 20s - New Yorker - The Man Who Shot Michael Brown

This American Life - The Problem We All Live With

51m 30s - Her Story

/u/JOEYSWEARWORDS - My theory/timeline

Her Story full interview playlist

Polygon's Quality Control - Her Story

01h 10m 20s - Recommendation - Limetown

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