Tig, Toad Road, and Inside Out

In this episode of Everything Justin and Keith try to figure out the best way to deal with an office deadbeat. Justin tries to explain his uneasiness with the Netflix documentary Tig. They both discuss the unexpectedly good indie thriller Toad Road. Keith shares his experience of taking his 6 year old son to see Inside Out in theaters, and then goes on to discuss the documentary Lost Soul, and the book Wolf in White Van. They close the show with a discussion about last week's recommendation An Honest Liar, and Justin recommends Her Story.

Show Rundown

Tig - 12m 36s

Toad Road - 21m 05s

Inside Out - 44m 07s

Lost Soul - 55m 55s

Wolf In White Van - 01h 05m 00s

An Honest Liar - 01h 10m 46s

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