John Wick, Jurassic World, and Vince Staples

In this episode of Everything Justin and Keith prematurely settle their Self/Less bet with the promise of a new challenge. Justin talks about the documentary Fed Up, but spends most of the conversation wondering how people can watch things in their beds without falling asleep. They also discuss the Keanu Reeves movie John Wick, and try to figure out what the appeal of watching an hour and a half of shooting people in the head is. Keith talks about Slow West, and questions some of the decision making skills of its characters. The two then discuss the summer blockbuster Jurassic World. Keith followed up last week's faux-recommendation by listening to Vince Staples' new album Summertime '06, but quickly loses his way when he stumbles into a Miguel leg trap. They close the show by discussing Hearthstone and Destiny's grinding mechanics, and they try to figure out just how manipulative Donna Stevens' Idiot Box really is.

Show Rundown

Self/Less: 05m 48s

Fed Up: 9m 52s

John Wick: 12m 18s

Slow West: 16m 14s

Jurassic World: 21m 38s

Vince Staples:  32m 10s

Miguel: 35m 42s

Hearthstone: 39m 00s

Idiot Box: 43m 43s

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