The Push & Examining True Crime

Everything is a spoiler-heavy podcast. We talk about all aspects of whatever we are discussing and do not announce or avoid spoilers in any way.

00h 01m 30s : Last Week Follow Up

Annihilation vs Ex Machina

Call Me By Your Name

The Shape of Water

Game of Thrones


00h 14m 36s : The Push

00h 40m 01s : True Crime

Michelle McNamara

The Golden State Killer

Sword and Scale


The Staircase


Splitscreen: The Secret Hunters of Destiny


Paradise Lost

From Hell

No Country for Old Men

Dear Zachary

In Cold Blood


The Jinx

Devil in the White City


Capturing the Friedmans

01h 33m 42s : Wrap Up

Subsurface Circular

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The music heard throughout this episode is Aqãele Abraco by Gilberto Gil.