Ballers, Inside Out, and Destiny

In this episode of Everything Justin and Keith talk as briefly as possible about the new HBO series Ballers, and Keith revisits an HBO classic in Deadwood. Justin discusses the new Pixar movie Inside Out as well as the accompanying short Lava. Keith talks about the Brendan Gleeson starring film Calvary, as well as his son's new 3DS, and Banner Saga. The two discuss the legitimacy and ramifications of virtual reality, before Justin shares his latest experience in the Destiny subreddit. Keith recommends the new soul singer Leon Bridges, and Justin talks about the blandness of President Obama's appearance on WTF. The show closes with a short discussion of Fallout Shelter, and Keith recommends Justin watch every Pixar short.

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Show Rundown

Ballers: 09m 21s

Deadwood: 11m 00s

Inside Out: 15m 34s

Calvary: 32m 20s

Virtual Reality: 40m 05s

Banner Saga: 48m 43s

Destiny: 50m 54s

Leon Bridges: 01h 03m 07s

WTF with Obama: 01h 07m 16s

Fallout Shelter: 01h 09m 32s

Lava: 01h 11m 39s

Bonus off-mic Lava conversation with Julia: 01h 17m 10s

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