Hot Girls Wanted, Game of Thrones, and E3

In this week's episode of Everything Justin and Keith talk about the Yahoo original series Other Space and its potentially antiquated gender politics, the Netflix documentary Hot Girls Wanted and its potentially antiquated gender politics, and the Game of Thrones season finale and its potentially antiquated gender politics. Justin also makes an argument for George R.R. Martin landing at the top of the as yet unestablished Thought Crimes most wanted. The two also discuss the movies Nightcrawler, We Are Still Here, and The Tree of Life. Then they dive into Monday's slate of E3 press conferences and the offerings from Steam's Summer Sale. They wrap up the show with a brief discussion of Rogue Legacy, and Justin recommends the surprise new Bethesda mobile game, Fallout Shelter.

Show Rundown

Other Space: 05m 32s

Hot Girls Wanted: 12m 40s

Nightcrawler: 32m 48s

Game of Thrones: 42m 12s

We Are Still Here: 55m 17s

The Tree of Life: 57m 52s

E3: 01h 05m 02s

Steam Summer Sale: 01h 17m 14s

Rogue Legacy: 01h 21m 43s


Fallout Shelter: 01h 24m 55s

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